MV, LLC, Subsidiary of Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Announces Contract for ODORFILTERS From Fortune 500 Customer

COMMERCE CITY, CO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 10/07/09 -- Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SENR), a leading provider of technology-based industrial services and technologies in the environmental, energy, and rail transportation sectors, today announced that its MV, LLC subsidiary has commenced the engineering design and manufacturing of two of its patented and proprietary odor control units (ODORFILTERS) for a Fortune 500 energy company. The contract value exceeds $600,000 and is to be executed over the next ten months. The initial design drawings have been delivered and the project is proceeding on schedule.

The customer will use the ODORFILTERS at its refinery to remove potentially harmful and bad smelling emissions, such as H2S, mercaptans, thiols, and carbon disulfide from hot oil storage tanks associated with the refinery's coker unit.

"This is further and significant validation of the ODORFILTER'S scalability, reliability, and performance," said Dr. Paul Trost, president of MV. "Additionally, the need for MV's odor control systems is increasing as US refineries seek to take advantage of the substantial price differentials between heavy and light crudes by increasing their refining of heavier crudes, particularly heavy Canadian crude bitumen blends."

"MV has many similar systems already installed throughout the US in many different industries," said John Combs, president and CEO of SEER. "In addition to increasing market drivers, we are starting to see more significant interest develop in these technologies since we have begun cross marketing MV with our other SEER service companies."

MV's ODORFILTERS operate using a combined physical chemical and biological process. The physical chemical process converts the sulfide-containing gases (e.g., H2S) to a form of pyrite that is commonly found in nature, whereas the biological process facilitates the physical-chemical process but, more important, allows biological destruction of certain gaseous organic compounds that are readily biodegradable. Thus, the single unit serves a dual purpose and provides a more efficient solution to an ever increasing problem.

Over the past three years MV has designed, constructed, and installed ODORFILTERS at numerous refineries, asphalt plants, waste water treatment plants, and even grease traps to eliminate the odors commonly associated with sulfide-containing fugitive, malodorous gases.

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