BROOMFIELD, CO, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), a provider of environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management services, had its Saudi joint venture partner, Modern Environmental Company dba ECO Tadweer (“ET”), receive a large environmental pilot project to treat trees, shrubs, turf and ground cover in three of the largest public parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: East En Nasseem, Al Aziziyah and Qurtubah.

The pilot project is scheduled to commence in November of this year. The project will entail applying SEER’s proprietary Pellechar and a specially-engineered biochar provided by Biochar Now (“BCN”), one of SEER’s strategic domestic partners. BCN’s patented production process as enabled it to create a custom, adjusted-pH biochar specifically tailored for the Saudi environment. Participating in this green initiative is a vital step toward SEER receiving substantial orders and launching a long-term Kingdom-wide program as part of Saudi Vision 2030’s $10 billion investment.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia has initiated an extensive public works program in Riyadh, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030’s goals lead by the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC). This program, including Green Riyadh, aims to enhance the city’s livability, environmental sustainability, and alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals by combating global warming and improving the region’s quality of life. More specifically, the Green Initiative is being implemented to reduce CO2 emissions and temperatures in Riyadh while encouraging a healthy lifestyle in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 (see link below) and other projects like Green Riyadh.

During this pilot project, both SEER and ET will be coordinating and working closely with Parsons Corporation ( (“Parsons”). Parsons will be overseeing implementation and on-site execution of the project.

“Modern Environmental Company - Eco Tadweer was recently formed to assemble technologies and management that will enable it to most effectively contribute to Saudi’s efforts to be a world leader in sound environmental policies and practices: SEER is certainly proud to be a part of it all,” said John Combs, SEER’s CEO. “We are now seeing results from our collective efforts to become a strategic part of the environmental programs being launched in and by the KSA. This is a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate how SEER’s solution offerings can be implemented in these projects and become part of the long-term solutions being implemented in Saudi. The pilot project will commence in November and should be completed very early next year. Subject to the results we achieve, we expect to enter into long-term contracts to supply our products for project throughout the Kingdom and the MENA region. We are also discussing the prospect of working with our joint venture partner to manufacture our Pellechar and biochar in the Kingdom. The next phase will be the introduction of SEER’s renewable biogas treatment and gold-standard medical waste destruction technologies: both of which fit perfectly in the overall program objectives of Saudi’s Green Initiative and Vision 2030, including the Green Riyadh Project,” said Combs.

“Green Riyadh’s management is pleased that we collaborated with one of the most prominent Saudi universities to develop a specialized biochar product best suited for the pH of the Saudi soil. Further, our patented production process allows for refinement of the biochar properties which enables us to better enhance the different desert soils of the entire MENA region,” said James Gaspard, CEO of Biochar Now. “Contributing to this Green Riyadh pilot project with SEER is a necessary step to having our organic, carbon-based products adopted as long-term solutions with follow-up long-term contracts for years to come. Our Saudi partners are also pleased that our biochar carries with it the only insured carbon credits in our industry. This literally ensures that our customers are guaranteed the carbon-negative benefit of our biochar, while they reap the benefits of additional plant growth and demonstrable water savings,” said Gaspard.

“The awarding of this project to Modern Environmental Company and SEER is the result of many meetings and hard work here in the Kingdom,” said Areej Alturki, one of Modern Environmental Company-Eco Tadweer’s directors. “This project is the start of many projects to be commenced in the Kingdom as part of the initiative of the Saudi Economic Cooperation Organization led by the private sector to contribute to national and global efforts in the field of environmental sustainability and, more specifically, the application of a circular, carbon-economy approach as envisioned by the Saudi Investment Recycling Company,” she continued.

“We are thrilled to showcase the progress of our collective efforts, led by Modern Environmental Company-Eco Tadweer and SEER. Our mission here in the Kingdom is nothing short of extraordinary: establishing an ecosystem that champions sustainable strategic solutions, aligned with Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiatives,” Alturki continued.

“Our journey commenced with an unwavering dedication to reaffirm our commitment toward elevating soil vitality. To attain this objective, we have collaborated with SEER, Biochar Now and Saudi soil engineers to produce special pH biochar solutions created for the unique conditions of Saudi environments. We are also introducing SEER’s Pellechar specifically designed for the Saudi market. Additionally, we have fostered a close partnership with a specialized company in microbial solutions, aimed at optimizing organic matter decomposition using microorganisms uniquely suited for Saudi’s arid soil conditions. This organic and holistic strategy underpins the core of our initiative and reflects an unwavering focus on sustainability.

“Rather than solely relying on planting or importation of millions of trees to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives, our focus has shifted toward first creating and nurturing healthy soil. This strategy not only promotes the natural reproduction of millions of trees, but also significantly amplifies the Kingdom’s efforts to bring about a positive impact on the environment,” said Alturki.

“Our unwavering dedication to this endeavor is an integral part of the broader Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives programs; both of which are being recognized as some of the world’s most ambitious and significant environmental projects. Through collaborative efforts with SEER and others, we are resolute in paving the way toward a greener future for the Kingdom and the entire MENA region.

“We see this pilot program as an essential first step to establish strong relationships in the Kingdom and the path to lucrative and long-term contracts for both our products and services,” said Alturki. Having been working closely with SEER’s management, ET is confident SEER’s technology portfolio will contribute significantly to the Saudi’s national and global environmental objectives and will result in growing revenue and income for both ET and SEER,” concluded Alturki.

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