MV Technologies contracts to design and install its H2S removal systems for four new biogas/RNG system in the US and has outstanding bids valued at approximately $3.5MM for additional systems worldwide.

BROOMFIELD, CO, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), a provider of environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management services, has recently received multiple purchase orders totaling more than $1.75MM for the design and installation of its proprietary H2S removal systems as part of a growing number of renewable natural gas (“RNG”) projects in the US.

The first contract, for approximately $220,000 is for a dairy processor in Wisconsin. The processor will utilize the biogas generated from their digester to fuel their on-site boiler. The installation of the H2SPlus system will allow the dairy processor to comply with their air permit while protecting their boiler from the harmful effects of H2S. MV’s H2SPlus System will use SEER’s proprietary bioactive media (BAM) produced by SEER’s, SEER Environmental Media (SEM) division based in Texas.

An order for a second system, valued at approximately $470,000, was recently received by MV for a dairy farm in the State of Minnesota. This system, the first MV installation in Minnesota, will be installed at a dairy farm that has 2,000 head of dairy cows. The biogas generated from this dairy will be upgraded into RNG and injected into a natural gas pipeline. The RNG will be eventually utilized as compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicle fuel.

These projects are strategic additions to the numerous agricultural biogas projects already in MV Technologies’ portfolio. “The dairy industry continues to expand its RNG production and MV’s multiple systems currently installed and operating at some of the nation’s largest agricultural biogas projects underscores the efficacy and success of SEER’s biogas treatment technology,” said Tom Jones, President of MV.

While dairy-based RNG projects vary in size, scope and function, most rely on a closed-loop system that continuously recycles products, byproducts and resources on the farm for cost savings and efficiency. “Since all of these new operations across the country must condition the raw biogas, this trend bodes well for MV and its proven H2S removal technology and medias,” said Jones.

MV also recently received a ~$300,000 purchase order for its technology to design and supply of equipment from one of the largest producers of 100% recycled containerboard in the USA. This is the second project MV has supplied to this corrugated packaging company. MV worked closely with a large, international waste-water engineering consulting firm to meet the needs of this customer. This system will utilize Axens’ AxTrap granular iron oxide media. This is the fifth system that MV has worked jointly with this engineering firm.

Finally, a fourth purchase order, valued at approximately $750,000, has been recently received for MV to supply an H2SPlus System at a WWTP for an East Coast Municipality. In addition to supplying the equipment to remove the H2S, MV will design and fabricate a system to remove harmful siloxanes form the gas stream.

While difficult to predict with certainty due to operational variables, it is estimated the four systems will use more than $350,000 of MV’s BAM or Axtrap on an annual basis.

The progress of MV’s two recent Canadian orders is going well with one nearing completion and the other delayed due to Covid related issues and supply chain factors in Canada.

The recent purchase orders and installations bring MV’s total installed nationwide base of operating systems to well over 100 and, once again, confirm the efficacy and efficiency of the Company’s proven technology. “We continue to see growth in MV and are proud to have been selected as the H2S removal technology for these projects which reduce our nation’s carbon footprint, create renewable energy and have an overall extremely positive impact on our global environment,” said SEER CEO, John Combs. “With its many effective and successful installations of its MV technology solutions throughout North America, SEER is now well established as a growing ESG portfolio company in a rapidly growing sector. MV now has approximately $3.5MM of current and active system and media supply contracts. This increase in purchase orders and outstanding bid requests early in 2022 highlights both the success of the technology and the robust market,” said Combs.

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