MV Technologies contracts to design and install its H2S removal systems for three new biogas/RNG system in the US and Canada.

BROOMFIELD, CO, April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), a provider of environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste stream management services, has recently received multiple purchase orders for the design and installation of its proprietary H2S removal systems as part of three large renewable natural gas (“RNG”) projects in the US and Canada.

The first contract is for a large dairy, methane-to-RNG project in Iowa. The value of this initial PO is approximately $500,000. The biogas flow from three dairies will be combined at a single point prior to the removal of H2S utilizing MV’s H2SPlus System, which will use SEER’s proprietary bioactive media (BAM) produced by SEER’s, SEER Environmental Media (SEM) division, in Texas.

This project is a strategic addition to the numerous agricultural biogas projects already in MV Technologies’ portfolio. “MV has multiple systems currently installed and operating at some of the nation’s largest agricultural biogas projects, specifically, installations at dairies throughout the US, so we are confident we will contribute to the success of this impressive venture on both a state and national level,” said Tom Jones, President of MV.

While dairy-based RNG projects vary in size, scope and function, most rely on a closed-loop system that continuously recycles products, byproducts and resources on the farm for cost savings and efficiency. Ultimately, the operations process manure from their own livestock through digesters that create methane as a form of renewable natural gas. For most large dairy operations, the value of creating and selling renewable natural gas like methane is much more significant than trying to create electricity. “Since all of these new operations across the country must condition the raw biogas, this trend bodes well for MV and its proven H2S removal technology and medias,” said Jones.

MV also recently received a purchase order for its technology design and supply of equipment from a Canadian inter-governmental agency which operates an anaerobic digester (“AD”) as an organic waste management and recovery solution in Canada. The biogas created from this project is used as boiler fuel to maintain heat in the AD. Excess biogas will be sold to an adjacent ethanol plant. This is the second system that MV has supplied to this Canadian inter-governmental agency. Both installations utilize MV’s SulfAx Systems, which incorporates Axens’ AxTrap iron oxide granular media to remove the H2S from the biogas.

The total system design and equipment supply costs for this PO is approximately $700,000 and, depending on many variables and factors in operating parameters, the media replacement revenue for MV is expected to be approximately $250,000 annually.

Finally, a third purchase order has been recently received for MV to supply an H2SPlus System at a dairy in the Midwestern US. The value of the PO is approximately $450,000. It is estimated the system will use about $150,000 of MV’s BAM on an annual basis.

The recent purchase orders and installations bring MV’s total installed nationwide base of operating systems to over 100 and confirm the efficacy and efficiency of the Company’s proven technology. “We are extremely proud to have been selected as the H2S removal technology for these three projects which reduce carbon footprint, create renewable energy and have an overall extremely positive impact on our environment,” said SEER CEO, John Combs. “With its many effective and successful installations of its MV technology solutions throughout North America, SEER is now well established as a growing ESG portfolio company in a rapidly growing sector. MV now has an outstanding bid total approaching $50MM and approximately $3MM of current equipment supply contracts. This increase in purchase orders and outstanding bid requests early in 2021 highlights both the success of the technology and the robust market,” said Combs. He added, “While bid-to-contract conversion is uncertain, we are confident the industry and, in turn, MV are positioned for growth this year. During 2020 the biogas industry was provided a new pair of tax credits to drive project development and, with the passage of this legislation, biogas now has ‘parity’ with several other renewable energy technologies. This too should bolster the already growing market.”

“In addition to focusing on increasing our annual revenue for MV this year, the Company is also aggressively pursuing international opportunities for its patented Paragon technology. Having formed SEER Corp. International (“SCI”), we are working with our Europe-based partners to roll out Paragon in Europe and evaluating potential projects in the Pacific rim region. There are multiple parties and many moving pieces involved in setting up any new technology like Paragon in foreign markets. Financial aspects, as well as local and national regulatory and governmental mandates in any particular country must first be assessed and addressed. With that said, in the wake of the international Covid outbreak, there appears to be a heightened awareness of properly handling medical waste and the industry appears to be seeking an alternative to traditional incineration and there is no doubt Paragon is cleaner, safer and more economical than the best incinerator. We are exploring various funding options and plan to kick off Paragon’s rollout on the west coast in Q3,” concluded Combs.

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