SEER’s Subsidiary, MV Technologies, Receives $660,000 Contract to Install Its Proprietary HSPlus(TM) System at a Large Food Processor and Continues to Grow Recurring Revenue Base

Sustainable Agriculture Meets Renewable Energy

BROOMFIELD, CO / ACCEESSWIRE / February 24, 2020 / Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources Inc.'s (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), a provider of environmental, renewable fuel and industrial waste stream management services, has been awarded a $660,000 contract to install one of its proprietary gas conditioning systems at one of the largest food processors in the NW United States. The H2SPlus™ system will remove the H2S from the biogas generated from a covered lagoon at one of the nation's largest potato processing plants. The customer's decision to contract with MV Technologies ("MV") was based on the positive results at a similar processing plant where MV previously installed a large H2SPlus™ system that has continued to perform efficiently and reliably since its installation years ago.

The H2SPlus™ system is designed to treat a peak flow rate of 800 SCFM with a concentration range of 2,500 to 5,000 ppm of H2S. The project will generate approximately $250,000 in recurring annual media sales of SEER's in-house BioActive Media™ ("BAM"™) for the life of the system which is expected to be more than 10 years.

"I am excited to start the year off with the sale of a large system that will continue to generate ongoing revenue for many years to come," said Tom Jones, President of MV. In addition, Mr. Jones stated, "I am encouraged by all the recent inquiries from developers of biogas projects at landfills and anaerobic digesters that are developing RNG projects at their facilities. It is encouraging that developers continue to take advantage of the RINs and LCFS monetary incentives."

In addition to the larger fixed-site systems, MV continues to increase placements of its modular gas conditioning systems through rentals and sales. MV has the ability to place the modular units into service quickly to assist its customers with specific compliance requirements for their air emission permits. MV recently received a contract to install a rental unit at a dairy in Idaho. This will generate approximately $30,000 in annual rental revenue and an additional $125,000 in revenue annually from the sales of MV's iron oxide granular media. "Total recurring media sales utilized in MV H2S treatment systems for 2019 was approximately $3M. Approximately one-third of this total is direct sales of our SEM/iron sponge media on which MV realizes income and the balance is the sale of our licensed granular iron oxide media on which MV receives a commission. As system sales continue, these recurring media sales will continue to grow." said Jones.

With sustainability being in the forefront of many industry objectives, MV remains committed to helping its customers: 1) remove H2S and achieve SOx compliance limits, 2) extend the operating life of downstream gas-to-energy equipment, 3) reduce maintenance costs, 4) comply with stringent pipeline/CNG/RNG specifications where the biogas is used as a fuel source, 5) protect flares and thermal oxidizers from corrosion, and 6) meet equipment warranty requirements. This commitment is evidenced by MV's many years of partnering and working closely with large food processors, many of which have installed several systems at different facilities. "Use of MV's H2SPlus™ systems, integrated with SEER's biologically enhanced media can help generators of biogas and LFG honor their commitment to sustainability and simultaneously achieve continued profitability," said Mr. John Combs III, SEER's CEO. "Merging environmental compliance and stewardship with corporate objectives and profitability is at the core of SEER's mission. Our customers are also dedicated to sustainability, and they seek committed long-term partners that share these values. This most recent sale and deployment of our MV system demonstrates our ongoing success in providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to H2S control across a wide variety of applications," said Combs.

About MV Technologies

MV Technologies is an industry leader specializing in air emissions and odor control solutions with an emphasis on dry scrubber H2S removal systems for a broad range of industrial applications. MV designs gas cleaning systems engineered to cost-effectively remove H2S and mercaptan-based compounds from landfill gas, digester biogas, and other waste streams. MV systems enable air emissions compliance, eliminate odor, protect people and downstream machinery, minimize maintenance costs, and help prepare gas streams for renewable energy. For more information visit:

About Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc.

Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc. (SEER) (OTCQB: SENR), identifies, secures, and commercializes patented and proprietary environmental clean technologies in several multibillion dollar sectors (including oil & gas, renewable fuels, and all types of waste management, both solid and gaseous) for the purpose of either destroying/minimizing hazardous waste streams more safely and at lower cost than any competitive alternative, and/or processing the waste for use as a renewable fuel for the benefit of the customers and the environment. SEER has three wholly-owned operating subsidiaries: REGS, LLC; MV Technologies, LLC and SEER Environmental Materials, LLC; and three majority-owned subsidiaries: Paragon Waste Solutions, LLC; PelleChar, LLC and ReaCH4biogas, LLC. For more information about the Company visit:

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